Emma Isokivi is a KPJAYI level 2 authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Mysore Teacher @ Meadowlark Yoga (http://www.meadowlarkyoga.com)

KPJAYI Level 2 authorised in 2017 from Paramaguru Sharath Jois, Mysore.
Natural Bodies- specialist Anatomy Training for Yoga Teacher- 2014- 2015
RYT 200, Yoga Alliance, CYS Scotland 2013
BA(Hons) Fine Art 2010 Goldsmiths, London 

Emma began practicing yoga in 2006 whilst living in Canada. At the time, she was also a distance runner, and the concept of “being able to touch her toes” was a foreign one. Over the years, chronic sciatica fuelled her focus to practice yoga more and run less- as she was still able to achieve the same headspace from being on the mat that she used to have running outdoors.  They were both breath based.

For many years, she attended a variety of classes with Bikram and Moksha Yoga a regular part of her life. However, her outlook on yoga practices all changed in 2009 when she took her first trip to India. During her trip, she spent several weeks in a Sivananda Ashram in Madurai, where she followed a strict regime of asana practice, chanting, cleanses, mediation and philosophy classes. She soon learnt that the yoga practice is more than just moving your body into unusual shapes and begun practicing daily.

In 2011, Emma moved to Edinburgh and came to Meadowlark (formerly known as Bristo Yoga School) where the talented teacher- Karen Kirkness guided her to begin a daily mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice.  In the following years she had the honor of assisting and learning from the senior teacher Sarah Durney Hatcher, who she still calls her teacher today.

Committed to her own practice and teaching traditionally “from the source”,  Emma regularly studies at KPJAYI  in Mysore, Southern India- the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga with Paramaguru Sharath Jois.

During her fourth trip to Mysore in the winter of 17/18 studying, she received his blessing to teach Ashtanga Yoga (to Karandavasana).  
Aside from the yoga mat, you’ll find Emma at home nurturing her newly extended family, cycling around the city or occasionally rock climbing.